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Martin Erich Stricker memory picture

Martin Erich "Martin Eric Ain" Stricker

Real/full name: Martin Erich Stricker
Age: 50 (born Jul 18th, 1967)
Nickname: Martin Eric Ain
Birth date: 18 July 1967
Died: 21 October 2017
Died of: Heart attack
Place of origin: United States
Years active: 1984-2017
Band\s: Celtic Frost
Instruments: Bass, Vocals
Genre\s: Thrash, avantgarde, extreme Metal

Biography and Career

Martin Erich Stricker

Born in the United States but later relocated to Switzerland; he was a dual citizen of both countries.

After amassing a small fortune in the 1980s from Celtic Frost's success, he became an entrepreneur. He owned a successful DVD shop and bar in Zurich called Acapulco.

Ain was a co-owner of the music club Mascotte, which has become well known for hosting upcoming international bands. Since 2004, he had become the host of the "Karaoke from Hell" show, taking place every Tuesday night at the Mascotte Club.

Ain sang the lead vocals for the song "A Dying God Coming into Human Flesh" on Celtic Frost's final album, Monotheist. He played a left-handed Warwick bass.

2012 the project "Graber - Lieder zum Schluss" was released, a project he worked on with long time friend Jan Graber.

2017 he collaborated with Swiss composer Balz Trümpy and Samuel Trümpy on "Der Dorn" which was released 2018. "Der Dorn" was released on a 7-inch vinyl, limited to 222 units.

Appeared on the 41-track various artists 7" Hans Trapp (Le Petit Mignon, 2012) with the solo track "Grain Dot".