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Metaldays 2018 live report

My travel started from Firenze with a couple of trains to take. In 22th July there was a strike and my train from Venezia Mestre to Trieste was cancelled! Luckily I have arrived in time for the shuttle from Trieste to Tolmin with another train. In the shuttle I was the only Italian. Some rock and roll was in the shuttle radio e the party already started with the metalheads in the shuttle!
Let's start with the first day. I followed Scott, an Australian guy and I we have found a great place to put our tent. That can be excellent even for the next year!
We have seen Bleeding Gods in our pre-festival day.

Day 1, Monday

I have not missed the very first band of the Monday: the death metallers Omophagia offered a great show to warm up our main metal days!
The running order offered Omega sun, Dust Bolt, Pillorian, Jig Ai. I have seen Hecate Enthroned but I preferred to go to main stage for Alestorm. I was not a great fan of them but their pirate metal live is something you cannot believe. The crowd surfing was unbearable and people with inflatable mats thrown with people above!
I have seen Eluveitie too but I don't like their style. Just to wait for Behemoth. For this reason I have missed Skeletonwitch and Carpathian Forest. That was very sad for me. Behemoth offered a great performance with a Cure cover (A forest) and Niklas from Shining on the stage. Behemoth played all their best songs like "Slaves shall serve", "Decade of therion", "Blow your trumpets Gabriel", "Messe noir" and "Demigod". 

Day 2, Tuesday

My second day started with the black metal band Nordjevel. Their sound is epic, melodic and aggressive at the same time. They offered a great performance. Shade Empire followed them and then Virvum and the Italian doomsters Caronte. After them I was in the main stage to see Coroner after their signing session. Coroner are still 3 aliens! The history is clear. There are no bands like Coroner!
I have changed stage again because I wanted to see Bolzer and Watain. I have missed Rotten Sound too but the wall of sound created by Bolzer was even more incredible than I thought. Pure power with some new songs and the onyric songs from "Hero". They has been available and nice during the signing sessions. The drummer has even given the "Hero" vynil to a girl after the signing session!!!
Watain at the end was something I cannot describe. They have made an excellent signing session with blood on their cards. The choreography was a wall of panels with tridents and flames above. Other tridents were in the front with flames on the bottom of the drum and other flames on the edge of the stage!
They opened with "Stellarvore" instead of "Nuclear Alchemy" that came after. A great setlist with a great surprise for me at the end: they played "Waters of Ain"!!! I was simply crying. This song means a lot for me. I love you Watain, even if Erik threw almost all blood on his chalice on me for the second time!

Day 3, Wednesday

After the unforgettable Watain concert, the festival was in the middle. The third day started with Vasectomy. A great grind \ death metal band that allowed us to unleash a new killer circle pit after lunch! The Italian metallers Selvans played after them and it was a surprise for me because I didn't know them. I enjoyed the concert and I will check out their material.
I have missed Saille and Dreamspirit to have a break and I came back to the same stage in the forest to see Gruesome. Many metalheads were waiting their concert and I was very happy to see them again. They have played all the main songs from the new stuff and "Savage land" as their classic. Don't miss them live if you can!
The atmospheric black metallers Schammasch played after Gruesome. Another great show with their long and beautiful songs. "Metanoia" was one of their best. This was the time where I wanted to know this band much better and I ensure you that they are great both live and studio. Check out their material. After them I have missed the other bands and I came to the main stage to see Kataklysm. This concert was like hell on earth. The pit was something you cannot face. I have never saw anything like this. People above you every second during the whole show! The band was available for the signing session and I was there for their card and a photo with Maurizio :)
I have seen Belphegor but I was distant from the stage because I needed to change the stage after the apocalypse with Kataklysm.

Day 4, Thursday

The penultimate day was a little bit strange because you feel the end of the festival but all metalheads needed to party hard again and again everywhere in the beach, food & drink area, camping etc.
I started with Brutart but I watched Harakiri for the sky more carefully. I planned to see this band and I was really satisfied after their performance. Their metal is melancholic and energic and strong. They played many songs but I still want to know more about "Arson" (their new album) and all the stuff they produced during the career. The future of this band can be long and I am sure they will continue to delight many metalheads around the world.
The Slovenians Dekadent from Ljubljana played their Atmospheric Black Metal in the wood. An amazing and technical band I wanted to see. Their performance has been very impressive. Check out their studio album and you will see if you didn't know them.
And then Master were on the stage: it was great to see Mr. Paul Speckmann again. A concert for metal veterans, a unique performance for old school maniacs.  The band created a pounding sound that cannot leave you any escape. The sound of Master is always overwhelming and brutal at the same time.
After Master I have changed stage to see Obituary, the masters of old school US Death Metal kicked every single ass again and again. This was my 6th time I have seen Obituary live. Every time I have the same sensations. They played tracks like "Chopped in half", "Find the arise", "I don't care", "Inked in blood" and other classics.
Here I changed stage again to see the mighty Shining. I was at the signing session and I have made a funny picture with Niklas. Their performance has been absolutely mesmerizing. They played a lot of new stuff and only some tracks of their previous albums. Their evolved sound is now strong, melodic and hypnotic. You definitely have to check the new album "X varg utan flock".
And here was the turn of Judas Priest. I ensure you I have never seen anything like this. Judas Priest is simply the best heavy metal band in the world. A supreme performance with the coreography of the new album "Firepower". They have played all the classic with videos on the background with the final and unmissable "Painkiller" at the end. The incredible crowd in the field has been part of the show.

Day 5, Friday

The last day of a festival is always sad because you know that all this party in the metal paradise is finishing. But it is often the day where you do all the things you want to do before leaving the battle field.
The morning was a huge mess for me and I came to the second stage in the wood only for Demonical. Their old school swedish death metal is brutal and pounding. A very good concert for fans of Dismember and Grave. The singer showed the Swedish flag on stage; a great moment.
I enjoyed the surprising circle pit with the heavy grind band Gut. I have seen many absurd scenes and a man perfectly dressed like Wonder Woman! People playing cards were inside the pit! Another perfect band for the Obscene Extreme fest.
After Gut, I have seen Cannibal Corpse but I have sadly missed Goatwhore. A rainbow in the sky after the rain created a welcome for George Fisher and co. What a coincidence! Cannibal Corpse opened with the new "Code of the slashers" and played many classics including "I cum blood", the more recent "Evisceration plague" and closed with "Stripped raped and strangled" and the most famous "Hammer smashed face". A brutal and violent performance was released.
Darkened Noctun Slaughtercult: the guitars sound were very bad and the band had no choreography on the stage like the last year at the Party San. This was disappointing and ruined the good performance of the band that played the classic "The dead hate the living".
I have missed Attic and I cannot give a good sensation about the final Primordial concert. A great perfomance but I personally don't like their stuff.

Bands I have missed

Carpathian Forest (sad but true), Children of Bodom, Myrkur, Primordial, Epica, Accept (sad but true), Goatwhore (sad but true), Igorr, Battle Beast, Ensinferum, Rotten Sound, Sorcerer, Sinistro, Soulfly, Hatebreed.


You cannot deny that Metaldays is a mainstream fest but there is space for many metal styles and you are free to choose what you want. Metaldays is not only about seeing band on stage but I can relax and have time to go to the beach, swim and observe the wonderful location, drink beers and buy something from the merch. There were people coming from the whole world and if you haven't tried this festival, you have to join this fest at least once. Horns up!

What's next

Some bands for the Metaldays 2019 are ready to play: Dimmu Borgir, Hypocrisy, Impaled Nazarene and Soilwork are from them.
I will be definitely back in Tolmin if I can next year too. Let's buy the new ticket.