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The new project started exactly 11 January 2017 when we were thinking of a new structure for the new web application. We have decided to recover all materials and build a new and responsive web application. Initially, we have started to build a new website with the name of the old and ancient Tenebrarum fanzine and published it in English instead of in Italian. This because people from all countries can read and follow us. We can interview foreign bands and even let people know more about many great Italian bands.
After the first launch of the website the founder of the old school webzine expressed an opinion about the webzine. This project started on paper and lived during the first 2000s years. It is right and we now agree about this idea and we started to search for a new name for this project. Recipe Ferrum was perfect for us and now we have a this project online. There are many projects and we want to keep our passion alive.



Andrea 'Blackevil' Fiori
Andrea Fiori
Webmaster, Reporter, Content Editor
Capitan Impaler
Capitan Impaler
Reviewer, Reporter, Illustrator
Recipe Ferrvm special edition on paper


Out since: 22.07.2019

Recipe Ferrvm on paper for the first time. Check out the first number:


  • A Thousand Aspects Of The Night (Ita).
  • Fiume Nero (Ita).

SPECIAL Live Reports

  • Sabathan (Bel)


  • Arkhon Infaustus (Fra)
  • Stormcrow (Ita)
  • Deus Mortem (Pol)
  • Urn (Fin)

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Webmaster, Reporter, Content Editor: Black Evil Andrea Fiori.

Reviewer, Reporter, Illustrator: Capitan Impaler Antonio Corso.