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Kriegsmaschine - Apocalypticists

Created: 26 July 2019 By Andrea Fiori

Image for: Kriegsmaschine - Apocalypticists

Country: Poland

Label: No Solace

6 tracks of pure black metal mastery! M. and Darkside from Mgla registered this album after the great "Enemy of a man".
The sound of the drums is something wonderful: powerful, extremely technical and brutal at the same time!
It starts with "Residual blight" and its incredible pattern between bass drum and symbols. The track has an incredible groove and the sound is still dark and deep. More than 7 minutes will be enough for the warm-up and here comes the incredible "The pallid scourge". The feeling becomes deeper and you will start to fall into a dark abyss under the strokes of the overwhelming drums, the powerful riffs, and the biting vocals.
"Lost in liminal" slow down a little bit and it leads us into a great vortex of darkness. You will never understand where the band is going and everything is a surprise! Read the lyrics and just wait for the incredible final part of this song where Darkside will definitely kill you.
At this point, you are ready for the wonderful title track. I am not able to describe how amazing it is; from the beginning to the end.
"The other death" starts with tribal percussions and involves in a sort of epic crescendo. All are tied perfectly from the riffs to the drums and the amazing lyrics you must read.
The final "On the essence of transformation" close the circle for this incredible album. The tension is so high that you may relax only at the end. But here you have to still listen to this track. 
An album for fans of Mgla, Deathspell Omega and other few wonderful bands like these. Highly recommended!


  1. Residual Blight
  2. The pallid scourge
  3. Lost in Liminal
  4. Apocalypticists
  5. The Other Death
  6. On the Essence of Transformation

Band Lineup and staff

  • M. - vocals, guitars, bass
  • Darkside - drums