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Fiume Nero - Mors Liberat

Created: 17 March 2018 By Andrea Fiori

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Country: Italy

Styles: Black Metal 

Fiume Nero (Black River) is a black metal band from Bergamo, Italy. This first full-length is the result of a very hard work. The ex Imago Mortis drummer joined the band to complete the line-up and now this album is ready to kick some ass.
I invite you to listen the introduction and the opening "Nel seme della disperazione" while "Eternal torment" has the title in English but the lyrics are in Italian. A really good song with groove, atmospheres and aggressive parts with sudden accelerations.
"33-1203" has an excellent intro with something medieval in the background that remember me old castles and even some remembrance from the masterpice "First spell" from Gehenna. Just listen how the band attach great blast beats and melodies to the first part. An amazing jobs that will guide you to further melodies and atmospheres.
"Broken glasses" contains all elements I have mentioned. A really fast and brutal song that join the magic lyrics and great vocals. You have definitely check out this track. The title track has the same elements but it's a shorter song. Another great demonstration of power.
"Die pflanze" slow down and help us to appreciate a song with more atmospheres.
"Fiume Nero" is a surprise and I can leave you the pleasure to entirely discover this song.
The excellent "Il calice di nettare" and "Silenzio antico" are another two good songs that complete this unique album.
"Mors Liberat" is a perfect listening if you like original black metal with all elements I have described above. The perfect listening for your evenings without hope!
I saw the band last year in Florence. If you can go to watch them live please do it. They offer an amazing show. Support!


  • Introduction
  • Nel seme della disperazione
  • Eternal torment
  • 33-1203
  • Broken glasses
  • Sulla riva d'Acheronte
  • Mors liberat
  • Die pflanze
  • iume nero
  • Il calice di nettare
  • Silenzio antico

Band Lineup and staff

  • Fenrir, drums
  • Simon Desecrator, Vocals
  • Enna Cancry    Guitars, Lyrics