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Deus Mortem - Demons of matter and the shells of the dead

Created: 15 August 2018 By Andrea Fiori

Image for: Deus Mortem - Demons of matter and the shells of the dead

Country: Poland

When I listened this EP for the first time I didn't know Deus Mortem. Stormblast (Infernal War, Azarath (live), Thuderstorm) is playing drums here and soon I recognized his crushing style. This EP soon become a drug for me and I can't stop listening it.
The EP is limited with only 100 copies. This is strange and it will be difficult to find a copy. We hope the label will print more copies.
The first track "The Higher Sun" is an assault with classic death \ black metal patterns. The Polish style is here evident and powerful as always. There is no escape, the track become overwhelming with great riffs and brutal stop and go.
The first part of "Penetrating the Veils of Negativity" is atmospheric, melodic and dark. Another great and inspiring track. The drumming is dragging the atmosphere into a vortex of energy and power you will not forget. The drum cross the line of the riffs and the brutal process of the song. Amazing!
"Olam haBeriah" closes this wonderful EP. An atmophere with triplets and a brutal process of becoming strong and stronger: again the combination of all instruments works perfectly and now you are forced to pay the tribute to these guys. 
What else to say? You have to check out this great band and project and see them live if you can. They have played in some black metal festivals around Europe. Keep the black flame burning!


  1. The Higher Sun
  2. Penetrating the Veils of Negativity
  3. Olam haBeriah

Band Lineup and staff

  • V. - Bass
  • S. - Drums
  • S. - Guitars
  • N. - Vocals, Guitars, Bass