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Detachment - Suspended In stone

Created: 28 December 2019 By Andrea Fiori

Image for: Detachment - Suspended In stone

Country: United States

I cannot believe my ears! A completely underrated and forgotten album from Detachment. The band split-up in 2011 after a short reunion for a single concert! What a pity for these talented musicians. "Suspended In Stone" is an album of technical death metal in Nocturnus style. I invite you to listen to how the band interprets its style and build a strong wall of sound for the listener that will be continuously surprised.
The first "Open your heart" will give you an idea: a mix of assaulting guitars and drums together with the keyboards. Together they create a great atmosphere of tension that is really amazing for all Death Metal lovers.
"Septic reality" is the same thing. Again the guitar lines are surprising and they anticipate what many death metal bands will do in the future.
"Unintelligible" slow down a little bit and keep the keyboards atmosphere flowing in the air. Just listen to the amazing refrain in this song. Wonderful!
Here comes "Divine delegation" with the keys opening the way to a great riff, but what the curious Carcass cover "Incarnate solvent abuse"?
"Bloodmirror" is a little bit strange and bizarre. The first part and the refrain are really cool. They try again to bring something fresh and new to Death Metal with even some prog and jazz injection like only Cynic and Atheist have done in the past.
"Empty Attack" is another proof: another amazing track with many strange things to discover during the song. Six minutes of turbulence before the more aggressive "Severed from the flesh".
"Cedar Rapids spawn" closes the circle of long and lovable album you have to listen to.
The bands let to download the whole album on their facebook page but the same page was unluckily removed. The member disappeared from the scene and the fans can only hope they will think about a reunion and maybe a new album. Meanwhile, if you are a fan of Cynic, Atheist and Nocturnus, this album is highly recommended!


  1. Open Your Heart 
  2. Septic Reality
  3. Unintelligible
  4. Divine Delegation
  5. Incarnate Solvent Abuse (Carcass cover)
  6. Bloodmirror
  7. Empty Attack
  8. Severed from the Flesh
  9. Spawn

Band Lineup and staff

  • Michael Titman - Keyboards
  • Les Ohlhauser - Vocals, Guitars
  • Larry Unger - Drums
  • Wade Wilson - Bass