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Beherit - Engram

Created: 30 July 2018 By Andrea Fiori

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Country: Finland

Amazing and unexpected comeback of the largest in Finland! After 14 years of absence, Beherit returned to the studio and leave with a masterpiece of historical levels "Drawing Down The Moon." A minimal concentration of violence and brutality that leaves no escape. Everything good from the selection of sound production, from concept to execution, mixed ingredients and served on a silver."Axiome Heroine" is like "Destroyer of thousand worlds." A concentration of power and violence, linear and non-stop! But let's get to my favorite "All in Satan", a catchphrase as a tremendous blow to the ribs. To listen and listen again. But above all, listen to the incredible simple and linear structure of the song. As it rises above any other song, and without any effort. The grand Beherit. A group of real demons are able to give hard lessons of extreme metal to any man on earth."Pagan Moon" seems to tone down and devastating as it is slower but more dark and obsessive. Tremendous distortions are used to swoop down as if they were free to rip the sound. You know when you make noise in an empty room of a house is not decorated yet? The sounds are more powerful and echo into the void! And 'the turn of the epic "Henk Pimeyden" and then "Suck my blood" whose title says it all eloquently about the violence that awaits you! Happy bomb blast in unison will devastate your ear. Closes the long, beautiful and atmospheric "Demon Advance". You will come to the end of the disc without batting an eye, totally involved with every song. Is it safe 100% sure that even if you're not a die-hard fans of Beherit, you'll want to start over. I described the songs one by one, which I never do! But for Beherit and a few others worth it given the historical importance of the disc. Fuck you if you're not going to buy the disc. You will be eternally damned for it!


  • Axiom Heroine
  • Destroyer of Thousand Worlds
  • All in Satan
  • Pagan Moon
  • Pimeyden henki
  • Suck My Blood
  • Demon Advance

Band Lineup and staff

  • Nuclear Holocausto Vengeance - Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Programming
  • Ancient Corpse Desekrator - Guitars, Vocals (backing)
  • Abyss, Twisted Baptizer - Bass, Vocals (backing)
  • Sodomatic Slaughter - Drums