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Arkhon Infaustus - Passing the Nekromanteion EP

Created: 05 October 2017 By Andrea Fiori

Image for: Arkhon Infaustus - Passing the Nekromanteion EP

Country: France

Styles: Black Metal 

SCORE: 9 / 10

We have waited this moment for a long time and now the new EP is out! The band announced the cover art and then the track "The Precipice Where Souls Slither" was out.
I was very happy to hear about a new studio track. This EP has 4 tracks of pure art and extreme music. "Amphessatamine Nexion" has a dark and slow intro with heavy sounds and a great atmosphere for the following and great mid-tempos. The brutality of this song will grow gradually and then will explode in a huge vortex of violence. All is amazing and perfect for me: from the vocals to the guitar sounds and riffs. The drumming is really amazing: the great technique and speed are always supporting the other instruments.
Here we have "The Precipice Where Souls Slither": I have listended this song a LOT of times before the whole EP was out. This song is perfect: brutal, violent, creative and really addictive. The impact will be overwhelming and you will be astonished during the intermezzo. The melancholy and melody of the riffs will guide you in more violent and fast riffs before coming back to the first part of the song. The perfect way to close a perfect song? The last part will have another surprise for you.
"Yesh Le-El Yadi" is about the origin of the universe on the Bible and it means "It is in the power of my hand". A bizarre, obscure and brutal song at the same time. Now the atmosphere is very hot after the first two songs and the band creates an incredible mix of power and rhythmic beat that will definitely annihilate your brain.
Let's consider "Corrupted Épignosis" an outro. Slow, doomish and dark, it will embrace you another time and you will find yourself into the abyss of this dark and infinetely obscure atmosphere. Here the final riffs will guide to the end. And when the EP is finished you will be addicted, you don't want to come back to the light, you will want to continue this journey and maybe you will start listening this masterpiece once again!
One of the best records in 2017 is here. You cannot miss this EP. The digipack has a limited edition so I really hope will buy this record.


  • Amphessatamine Nexion
  • The Precipice Where Souls Slither
  • Yesh Le-El Yadi
  • Corrupted Épignosis

Band Lineup and staff

DK Deviant - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Songwriting, Lyrics
Skvm - Drums