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Recipe Ferrvm opened

In march 2017 we decided to split up with the past. We have thought about the essence of Tenebrarum and we talked with the founder. Tenebrarum fanzine is an old school fanzine on paper and the website and webzine existed in the past. We have interviewed bands around the world and reviewed many records.

Today we have a new project in English and all will be on this new website. All reviews and interviews are new. We have a new blog and we want to give a new identity to this project. We started to think about a new name and then Antonio came out with Recipe Ferrvm.

We thought the name was perfect under all point of views: it's short, it recalls something about steel and medieval times and it can be perfect for a website about metal. The only informations we have found about this name is the title of the Tomentor album. Wikipedia say "Recipe Ferrum" is about some hungarian folklore but we think it's wrong. This expression is referred to the ancient Rome.