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Image for post: Medieval Black Metal records you must know

Medieval Black Metal records you must know

Recipe Ferrum is born to support even medieval black metal. We like metal with killer riffs but we also like atmospheres. Medieval times are great and there are bands in the history of music that played with the same background of these ancient times.

Satyricon - Dark Medieval Times

Feel the cold and the dark in the medieval path through the paths to the castle. This is one of the most incredible, obscure and raw black metal records of all time.

Dimmu Borgir - For all tid

The fist Dimmu Borgir full length is something magic. The music in the cold atmospheres, the album cover and the raw sounds represent a perfect medieval evocation.

Abigor - Verwustung / Invoke The Dark Age

A great record for the Austrian legends Abigor. An album full of surprises and sounds from the dark age.

Godkiller - The Rebirth of the Middle Ages

Evol - Dreamquest

Evol was an important band in the Italian scene. This album is even strange, dark and mysterious. Check it out!

Gehenna - First spell

Eminenz - The blackest dimension

The legends Eminenz made this masterpiece with impact, atmospheres and an excellent groove. NOTE: Eminenz does not consider themselves as a black metal band so even this records has NOT to be considered as a pure black metal album!

Obsequiae - Aria of vernal tombs

Slow, dark and evocative record by Obsequiae.