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Brutal Assault 2019 live report

Created 16 October 2018
My journey to the Brutal Assault started from Firenze to Viareggio. With a dear friend, we traveled by car to Vicenza to pick up other 2 friends. After a nice dinner, the day after we left Vicenza to drive straight to the Czech Republic.After a long travel, we were satisfied and finally, we parked near the Jaroměř fortress. Du.......
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Metaldays 2018 live report

Created 30 July 2018
My travel started from Firenze with a couple of trains to take. In 22th July there was a strike and my train from Venezia Mestre to Trieste was cancelled! Luckily I have arrived in time for the shuttle from Trieste to Tolmin with another train. In the shuttle I was the only Italian. Some rock and roll was in the shuttle radio e.......
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A tribute to Ralph Santolla

Created 17 July 2018
Ralph has been an incredible musician and he always be in our heart. A great man we saw on the stage during the years. We always loved you Ralph. R.I.P....
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A tribute to Brett Hoffman

Created 08 July 2018
His wife announced that he passed away. We are so sad. We grow up with his music, his idea of death metal and now our hero is gone.Our hearts are empty. We have no words.  ....
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Medieval Black Metal records you must know

Created 24 March 2018
Recipe Ferrum is born to support even medieval black metal. We like metal with killer riffs but we also like atmospheres. Medieval times are great and there are bands in the history of music that played with the same background of these ancient times.Satyricon - Dark Medieval TimesFeel the cold and the dark in the mediev.......
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Necrophagia, Frank "Killjoy" Pucci passed away

Created 18 March 2018
Shocking and sad news for all horror and metal fans. The legendary singer Frank "Killjoy" Pucci passed away. Necrophagia published a post on facebook today and there are no explanation about the cases of death. Killjoy was the best horror fan we ever met, a great influencer and singer. He was an example to follow.......
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Varathron in Italy for the first time!!!

Created 17 March 2018
After 30 years of activity the legends Varathron frrom Greece will be in Italy. Etrurian Legion promotion announced the events. There will be 2 concerts in July. Another great surprise for any Italian metalhead after the announcement of the Incation tour with Suicidal Causticity. Stay tuned!....
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Tenebrarum webzine archived!

Created 16 March 2018
The Tenebrarum webzine has been archived forever. The project has changed its name to Recipe Ferrum. Many interviews and reviews will be recovered. The old school fanzine will belong to the end of 90s and the first years of 2000s. We have written a lot of material manually, we have discovered great bands like Worship, Slugathor,.......
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LIVE REPORT: Master + Dehuman + Idlegod

Created 04 November 2017
The ticket was 20 euro but many people was not scared and we had a good crowd for this good concert. 3 good band for a good show in a club like the Circus in Scandicci. This amazing small club is a meeting point for many people in the Florence area.IdlegodThe Italian Idlegod plays a doom \ stoner metal for any fans of an.......
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A tribute to Martin Eric Ain (R.I.P)

Created 01 November 2017
We are so sorry for our loss. Martin was a father for us. He died on October 21, 2017 following a heart attack.We grow up listening his music and now we don't have any word to say. Rest in peace our hero.Resources and linksWikipediaTwitter
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Tormentor Reunion at Beyond the Gates 2018!

Created 07 October 2017
Beyond the gates announced the bands for the 2018 edition: Mysticum, Bolzer and... an incredible reunion of the legendary Tormentor from Hungary!After 27 years they will play songs from the masterpieces "The seventh day of doom" and "Anno Domini". This is a real breaking news and all metalheads in the.......
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Ragnarok co-founder Jerv passed away

Created 13 May 2017
The co-founder bass player of Ragnarok, Tom "Jerv" Richardsen, died in a car accident the 29th April 2017. The band and Johnto have recently informed the fans on facebook. This is another very sad new for all metalheads and Ragnarok fans above all. May you rest in peace our hero.....
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Krisiun arrested for blasphemy at Bangladesh airport

Created 10 May 2017
Krisiun and their tourmates NervoChaos have been arrested at the Bangladesh airport! The police have taken their passports and this episode soon became absurd. Here is a post by Krisiun:We are not against any religion, political view, or have any prejudice against anyone, it’s not the matter here.We don&rsqu.......
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William Tolley, Internal Bleeding, dies from fall

Created 29 April 2017
William (Bill) Tolley was the drummer of Long Island death metal masters Internal Bleeding, which he helped co-found in 1991.He was was a fourteen year veteran of the Fire Department of New York (FDNY), a member of New York's bravest.Tolley died earlier the 20th April 2017 while answering the call of a two-alarm bla.......
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Recipe Ferrvm opened

Created 26 March 2017
In march 2017 we decided to split up with the past. We have thought about the essence of Tenebrarum and we talked with the founder. Tenebrarum fanzine is an old school fanzine on paper and the website and webzine existed in the past. We have interviewed bands around the world and reviewed many records.Today we have a new pro.......
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