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Brutal Assault 2019 live report

My journey to the Brutal Assault started from Firenze to Viareggio. With a dear friend, we traveled by car to Vicenza to pick up other 2 friends. After a nice dinner, the day after we left Vicenza to drive straight to the Czech Republic.
After a long travel, we were satisfied and finally, we parked near the Jaroměř fortress. During the festival, I have missed many bands so I will not be able to tell about their performance. The pre-festival day for us was only about drinking and visiting the place because we arrived in the evening.
I started with the slam death metal of Kraanium and a great meet and greet with the mighty Incantation. John and Sonny are always amazing. They remembered the last Italian concerts. The show on the Obscure stage has been wonderful with the Evil Dead intro and a devastating tracklist: from "Entrantment of evil" to "Devoured Death", the newer "Carrion prophecy" and the classics "Ibex moon" and "Impending diabolical conquest". A pure death metal orgasm! I was very surprised to see a great band like Incantation in a smaller stage, to be honest.
Voivod: what can I say? Wonderful performance. I think all the people at the festival liked them. I have always missed their concert in Italy but this time I enjoyed their full concert. Batushka: wonderful choreography and stage with a mystery about the band. I personally like the project of the founder of the band. The diatribe behind this band has been incredibly annoying and bad for the audience, fans and the members of the band. Unfortunately, I don't think there will be a good solution between this project and the real founder of this amazing band. I will wait to read more news about the facts.
I have prepared myself for the Hypocrisy show. Another epic concert with a magic atmosphere and a powerful tracklist. They played all their best songs from older to newer albums. The unbelievable "Fire in the sky", the crushing "Osculum Obscenum" and many others. The drumming of Horgh is something wonderful. His strokes are always striking on your chest! I was not interested in Therion and Cult of Luna so I am sorry but I have missed them. Frog Leap closed the first day with their funny performance.
Unfortunately, I have missed Eyehategod, Coven, and Prong in the Obscure stage that played when I was toward the main stage :(

For the second day, Deicide cannot take the airplane to Europe due to a huge delay. They were replaced with Brutally Deceased. a wonderful death metal project that you must check out ASAP if you don't know them.
So the day started with the funny performance of Jungle Rot and Alien Weaponry, the Diablo Swing Orchestra and the amazing Krisiun. I enjoyed the brutal concert of this amazing Brazilian band that I love so much. First time for me seeing Alex and Max live under a burning sun. Sacred Reich: third time for me seeing them live. Amazing thrash metal and amazing people. A wonderful concert still under the sun. Obviously, the crowd imploded when they played "Surf Nicaragua".
Decapitated: great death metal but I'll be honest saying I am not a great fan of them. Still an amazing concert and performance anyway. I have watched some part of the concert of Walls of Jericho, Thy art is murder and unfortunately, I have missed Metal Church :(
Here comes the very hot part of the day: Sodom with Frank Blackfire and Tormentor on drums has been a wonderful concert. They played tracks from "Agent Orange", "In the sign of evil" and the most recent albums. The killer "Party San" and the mandatory "The saw is the law" together with a blasting version of "Bombenhagel"! Watching Frank playing for the first time for me has been a wonderful experience. He's simply mesmerizing and hypnotic!
Sick of it all: one of the most powerful bands on his genre. I am not a great fan of them so I have seen their incredible concert from the screen in the middle of the two main stages because I was waiting on the first line to see Testament. And here was the apocalypse: Chuck and his guys played in one of the most amazing performances of the festival. The tracklist was different from the one they played at the Hellfest. They even played "Low" that was a great surprise for all. The amazing "Into the pit", "D.N.R" and other tracks from the masterpiece "The gathering" were included. Testament is one of the best band in the world without any doubt. We don't admit you don't agree!
I have left the main stage after Testament and I have missed the Meshuggah show to see Kampfar. Nice and wonderful show full of great energy. I will always remember these nice guys since the meet and greet at the Party San years ago.
Anthrax, Brutally Deceased and the amazing Carpenter Brut closed the day.

I was interested to see Wormed and Dr, Living Dead but my day started only in the evening with Aborted. Second time for seeing these amazing guys and I can say their brutal death metal is more powerful than ever. Crushing guitars and crazy drumming have always been their brand and their lethal weapon at the same time. You can imagine how the adrenaline started to flow during Aborted and here comes Destruction. Their show has been more than amazing. They have a LOT of songs to play and a new album coming out so the band itself was galvanized and impatience to play another great show. So they did it with all their best songs: "Mad butcher", "Life without sense", the new "Born to perish" and many others.
Immolation: one of my favorite US Death Metal bands ever played another memorable concert. Songs from "Atonement", "A glorious epoch", "Dawn of possession" and many other classics. Excellent sound a crazy Robert Vigna.
I have seen Agnostic Front from the screen and taken the first line for Emperor. That was my move. Agnostic Front unleashed their energy on the people in the pit and played a very good concert. But I waited for Emperor for many years and I wanted to see them from my favorite place among thousand of crazy metalhead in the fortress. Meanwhile, I watched the Heilung from the screen. I don't know this folk combo so I promise I will check their works in future,
Emperor played almost all "Anthems to the Welkin at dusk" and the unmissable classics "I am the black wizard" and closed the show of our dreams with "Inno a Satana". You cannot say anything after a performance like these. Just bow to the best avantgarde-black metal band of the second wave black metal age.
After Emperor, I have left the main stage and moved to the Obscure to see Taake. Another band that I would prefer to see in the main stage instead. They played all the classics with Hoest full of energy and available with the audience like I have never seen! I have missed Anathema but here I have made another mistake and I have missed Iron Reagan and Godflesh. A friend told me that Godflesh played a powerful performance and the grass will not grow anymore there!
But the time played a bad joke to everyone because I came back to the main stages to see Hellhammer - Triumph of Death. How could I miss such a legendary performance? Tom Warrior, Mia, and Algol offered a great performance under the notes of the heaviest and legendary songs of the first wave black metal. And that was enough for Friday!

The last day of a festival is always sad because you think you will leave the area the day after. But when the day starts you always think to party hard. Every festival must leave forever in our hearts. The 10th of August was also my birthday and I get up early to see Gutalax. Many people had the same idea so the concert was going crazy before the start. Dolls, balls, dinosaurs, crocodiles, and tons of rolls of toilet paper were thrown into the air. After the classic Baywatch intro, the pit started to circle wild as expected.
In the middle of the concert, a Toi Toi made some crowd surfing on the people. The funniest concert at the festival without any doubt.
I was very tired so I have missed the following bands. Between some rest and many drinks, I have missed even Exumer and Cytotoxin. When was in better shape, I started following Violator and Demolition Hammer. The rain was annoying but the thrash death metal of Demolition Hammer was something I cannot miss. A wall of sound that I cannot describe. Something very strong that followed all the history from thrash to death metal since the end of the eighties.
I have missed Vltimas to take the first line for Animals as Leaders. I desired to see them live for a long time now and I have not missed this rare opportunity. They have already played at the Brutal Assault so I guess they find themselves comfortable in this location :)
Great instrumental progressive metal played with an infinitely high technical level. Tosin and Matt are incredible musicians. A concert that I will remember for a long time. After Animals as Leaders, I run at Obscure stage to take the first line for Ved Buens Ende that played an exclusive show for this festival. Songs from "Those who caress the pale" and "Written in waters" has been played. They created a magic atmosphere for all maniacs and fans like me, An extremely touching moment with Carl-Michael who played sitting on a chair. Skoll and Vicotnik are the other two legends on the stage together with the new unbelievable drummer Øyvind Myrvoll.
After this amazing experience, I moved to the main stage to see only the last part of the Rotting Christ concert, Napalm Death and take the first line for Mgla. One of the best black metal band in Poland played a wonderful concert playing many tracks from "Exercises in futility", 2 new tracks from the upcoming album "Age of excuses" and some other songs. Great tracklist with some intro that created a richer atmosphere for all fans in the fortress. Memorable performance and concert that I will remember for a long time.
Carcass was effectively the last concert of the festival for me. An amazing tractklist that walked through the long history of the band. Jeff and friend played another great performance for all fans a closed a wonderful festival under the notes of "Symfony of sickness", "Heartwork" and many other masterpieces.

My first time at Brutal Assault has been more than amazing. The best festival I have never been without any doubt. I encourage you to visit Czech Republic and the area including all places around and the amazing ossuary of Sedlec.
There are some bands confirmed for the next year: Asphyx, Dark Funeral, and Nocturnus AD are among them! I am sure the festival will be sold the next year too and we hope to come back if we can. Cheers!