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We are proud to have interviewed one of the best metal bands in the world. If you don't know Oranssi Pazuzu, you are making a great mistake! Let them enter in your life and listen their incredible creations. Don't be shy!

1) Hi Ontto. How Oranssi Pazuzu was formed?
Hello. I think it was Jun-His and me who first started talking about a black metal band like this. We had friends we wanted to do music with, and it wasn't long until we were all jamming together. I think the most important thing was that we all shared the same idea how the band should sound like, I mean that we all wanted to do something new and try our limits as musicians.

2) What does it mean "Muukalainen Puhuu" in Finnish and what is the main concept of the album?
It translates to "The Stranger Speaks", but the Finnish word "muukalainen" can also refer to aliens. There’s no strict concept, but the idea was to mix space rock and black metal so that the result would sound somewhat “alien”. Space is also present in some of the lyrics.

3) How you have thought about "Muukalainen Puhuu" as an album different from any other black metal record?
We wanted to make an album that would have influences from various musical styles, not only black metal. So I wouldn't consider us an average black metal band, but rather a band that has strong black metal influences. If it sounds unusual, that is because we are not limiting our music with metal norms, we just put different things together and make something out of them.

4) Can you speak us how "Muukalainen Puhuu" was born and the idea to join psychedelic elements with black metal?
The main point with this band is simply to mix our favourite musical styles, so that is where the psychedelia comes in. We are very much into black metal but also many other styles, and it would feel limiting in a way if wed play only this "pure" sounding black metal. It's done already by others, and besides, you can't top Darkthrone and Burzum on that.

5) What are the bands who have influenced you on metal and on psychedelic sound? Are you inspired only from the bands of the '70s like Pink Floyd or there are any other artists?
There are many influential bands, with metal the most important are probably Electric Wizard, Burzum, Darkthrone and Celtic Frost. Psychedelic bands like Circle (from Pori, Finland), Boredoms and krautrock bands like Can and Faust have also influenced us. We all listen many different genres, and not only the old stuff.

6) Do you think there is a good extreme music scene in Finland? What about Sargeist, Beherit (their last albums is a  kick ass and more bands) and great artists like Ajattara?
Yeah there are definitely some good extreme bands in Finland. I don't follow the scene that much, but I agree that the new Beherit album kicks ass!

7) What are main extreme metal bands or extreme music you like and what do you think about Enslaved's last album? They have joined the music of the 70's with extreme metal sound.
I think it's the same bands that have influenced us. Deathspell Omega, Blut Aus Nord and Paysage d’Hiver are also very good. I haven’t heard that new Enslaved album yet, but their last album sure had good atmosphere and songs.

8) How is instrumental technique important for black metal and your music?
I think it’s important to be able to play what’s in your mind. If your ideas are straightforward and simple, then you don’t need technique that much. Our music demands some technique, but not any virtuosity. But we are more interested in atmosphere and compositions than flawless playing.
For black metal, I wouldn’t talk about the genre as a whole, because different musicians have different goals and all the ideas require different amount of techique to work.

9) Do you have some ideas or project for the future?
We are currently writing new material for a second album, so that is pretty much the number one thing for us at the moment. I think the next album will have a bit darker and more aggressive mood compared to the first one.

10) You can close the interview. Thank you for your availability.
Thank you. Hope we get to play in Italy also at some point. Thank you very much and congratulations for your album.

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  • Muukalainen puhuu Full-length 2009
  • Candy Cane / Oranssi Pazuzu Split 2010
  • Kosmonument Full-length 2011
  • Valonielu Full-length 2013
  • Värähtelijä Full-length 2016


  • Korjak - Drums
  • Ikon - Guitars
  • EviL - Keyboards, Percussion
  • Ontto Bass (2007-present)
  • Jun-His Vocals, Guitars (2007-present)