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Devotio - Devotio, Demo 2016
25 August 2018   By Capitan Impaler
After having received adequate signaling as a valid project for ideas and hints and known the ideator / creator Aldo Giulio Greci, I was interested in recovering the efforts of this band from Parma that boasted a certain conceptual path on its tracks (see the texts that will be published on the album of future output, accompanie.......
Deus Mortem - Demons of matter and the shells of the dead
15 August 2018   By Andrea Fiori
When I listened this EP for the first time I didn't know Deus Mortem. Stormblast (Infernal War, Azarath (live), Thuderstorm) is playing drums here and soon I recognized his crushing style. This EP soon become a drug for me and I can't stop listening it.The EP is limited with only 100 copies. This is strange and it.......
Beherit - Engram
30 July 2018   By Andrea Fiori
Amazing and unexpected comeback of the largest in Finland! After 14 years of absence, Beherit returned to the studio and leave with a masterpiece of historical levels "Drawing Down The Moon." A minimal concentration of violence and brutality that leaves no escape. Everything good from the selection of so.......
Forteresse - Thèmes Pour La Rèbellion
08 July 2018   By Capitan Impaler
The attempt of many now is to sit in the 'depressive' river bed, so popular today, to be more extreme but in any case moving away from the original essence of its culture. Dissipating a genre that has certain characteristics or attempting to enrich it forcibly does not necessarily proclaims a new artist and distorts the.......

Latest posts

Metaldays 2018 live report

Created 30 July 2018
My travel started from Firenze with a couple of trains to take. In 22th July there was a strike and my train from Venezia Mestre to Trieste was cancelled! Luckily I have arrived in time for the shuttle from Trieste to Tolmin with another train. In the shuttle I was the only Italian. Some rock and roll was in the shuttle radio e.......
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A tribute to Ralph Santolla

Created 17 July 2018
Ralph has been an incredible musician and he always be in our heart. A great man we saw on the stage during the years. We always loved you Ralph. R.I.P....
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A tribute to Brett Hoffman

Created 08 July 2018
His wife announced that he passed away. We are so sad. We grow up with his music, his idea of death metal and now our hero is gone.Our hearts are empty. We have no words.  ....
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Medieval Black Metal records you must know

Created 24 March 2018
Recipe Ferrum is born to support even medieval black metal. We like metal with killer riffs but we also like atmospheres. Medieval times are great and there are bands in the history of music that played with the same background of these ancient times.Satyricon - Dark Medieval TimesFeel the cold and the dark in the mediev.......
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The lost interviews

Latest and old interviews. We will make new interviews ASAP!

Oranssi Pazuzu

We are proud to have interviewed one of the best metal bands in the world. If you don't know Oranssi Pazuzu, you are making a great mistake! Let them enter in your life and listen their incredible creations. Don't be shy!
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Der Weg Einer Freiheit

A young band registered an amazing first album and I have contacted them to ask for an interview. They are so king and available. Another great interview for Tenebrarum.
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The extreme progressive metal project is coming from France with the name of Orakle. A band for those who love experiments, keyboards and high technical level. Tourments and perdition is an unique album you have to listen to...
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Mortuary Drape

A band like Mortuary Drape does not need any introduction. The Italian Evil Necromancers are a cult occult black metal. You can listen all the albums and even the last "Spiritual indipendence" will surprise you again.

Interview by Andrea Fiori to Wildness Perversion for Tenebraurm fanzine "numero 2" on paper after the release of the incredible "Tolling 13 knell" album.
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